Cozy Nicks — Webring

Simple webring-ish page for all the people on the cozynet irc channel :)

Ask to be added. If you don't have a link you will soon be removed (from the page).

Awesome activelink icon made by @gettie :)

Picture of a normal 88x31 web button with light green text and violet background with 'CozyRing' written in the center.

(right click to save)

Limited time offer exclusive to members of the CozyNet IRC: if you don't have a website (or you just don't like your current webhost) I will be offering free as in free beer webhosting limited to 1GB of total size. Free subdomain here @ or BYOD (Bring Your Own Domain).

Disclaimer: The offer is limited to people with voice priviliges or higher (and those vouched for). The service is provided for free on a best effort basis and you must abide by Frantech's AUP and ToS when utilizeing the service. I abusive people will be kicked at my own discression.

"maintained" by Maddie Kalan.

All suggestions from the community are apreciated will be considered.