Cozy Nicks — Webring

Simple webring-ish page for all the people on the CozyNet IRC channel :)

Ask to be added. /query Maddie

Awesome activelink icon made by @gettie :) (right click to save)

Picture of a normal 88x31 web button with light green text and violet background with 'CozyRing' written in the center.

Limited time offer exclusive to members of the CozyNet IRC: if you don't have a website (or you just don't like your current web host) I will be offering free as in free beer web hosting limited to 1GB of total size. Free subdomain here @ or BYOD (Bring Your Own Domain).

Disclaimer: The offer is limited to people with voice privileges or higher (and those vouched for). The service is provided for free on a best effort basis and you must abide by Frantech/BuyVM's AUP and ToS when utilizing the service. Abusive people will be kicked at my own discression.

"maintained" by Maddie Kalan.

All suggestions from the community are appreciated will be considered.